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I'm a software engineer student from Tunisia. I consider myself full-stack developer but I tend to work more on the back-end. I also enjoy making games and tweaking with 3D graphics in my spare time. I like reading books ,Linux and hitting the gym. I enjoy building stuff, and learning about technologies . I tend to follow indie game developers' news. If there's a hackathon in Tunis you may see me there.

Latest Projects

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Book Shop

The project is book shop created using Spring frameworks and Hibernate. During the development I followed a TDD approach. The tests was made using Junit Mockito and Spring Test. The views were made using Thymeleaf.

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Augmented Reality Card Game

The player uses real cards to summon monsters and fight with them. The goal is to defeat the other player's monster. Monsters have different stats and attacks.
The project is developed using Unity3d and Veforia.

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AR Karaoke

The project is karaoke application created using Unity3d that uses green screen to change the background and allow the use of animated backgrounds. The application parses lyrics files (LRC) and plays music files. To control the application a C# backend was created. The application allows the change of the tempo.

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Iot client Using Kaa

This project uses Kaa Iot platform to allow and Android device to control and receive information from a Raspberry pi.

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Other Projects

AutomaticEmailSending Open Source

This application is a spring based application that sends custom mails using a list provided in the application.properties.

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ZombieShooter Open Source

A zombie shooter survival game for android.

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MegaArm Open Source

An arduino based robotic arm controlled by an android smartphone.

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Work Experience

Vice President INSAT Android Club - INSAT Android Club (2015 - 2016)

I spent one year as INSAT Android Club Vice president. During this time I managed a team of 2x people, scheduled meetings. I contacted sponsors to fund the club events, handled recruitment and followed the projects' progress.

Intern - KB2I (2016 - 2016)

A two months summer internship during which I worked on a node.js application to automatically configure a Raspberry Pi and migrated a JEE backend to MEAN.

  • Configuration Portal
  • A web portal created using Angular2 to allow the configuration and maintenance of Raspberry Pi endpoints.

  • Configuration Service
  • Automated configuration service to configure and register Raspberry pi endpoints.

  • Data Collecting Service
  • Bulk data processing service using Node.js and Express providing data to Talend through a thin REST. Migrated from Tomcat/Mysql to use Node.js and MongoDB.

  • Project Environment
  • Configured project to use Typescript and Jasmine/Karma.

Gaming workshop chief - INSAT Android Club (2014 - 2015)

I spent one year as Gaming Workshop Chief for INSAT Android Club. During which I coached new members and tought them the basics of gaming and software development. Then we worked on a small project Zombie Shooter.

Intern - Orange Developer Center (2015 - 2015)

A two month summer intern-ship and competition (Orange Summer Challenge). During these months I worked on VR game Abstraction with a team of 5.

Freelance - PeakSource (2015 - 2015)

I worked on the Augmented Reality Karaoke during 2 months.

Intern - Tunisie Telecom (2014 - 2014)

During this one month summer internship I learned how the 3G and 2G networks of Tunisie Telecom works and administrated the status of the network.

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